Photo by Tarık Kaşlı on Unsplash

Author: Berat Efe Alkan

Customer centricity is what all influential organizations talk about these days. Many big companies declare their strategy as customer-centered, put customer obsession in their values, and try to change their product-driven approach (focusing on specifications) to being customer-driven (concentrating on the value it creates for the…

That’s what we are made of.

We have always believed that the journey makes the destination meaningful.

As HMD team, we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, stories, and journeys in life. At some point along the road, we crossed paths and decided to walk together. As Robert Frost said, we took the less traveled one, and that has made all the difference.

That’s what amazes us…

We are HMD

Partner in Change I An insight-driven consulting firm that helps organizations develop a deeper understanding of human and transform their structures around it.

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