Heart Mind Design

That’s what we are made of.

We have always believed that the journey makes the destination meaningful.

As HMD team, we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, stories, and journeys in life. At some point along the road, we crossed paths and decided to walk together. As Robert Frost said, we took the less traveled one, and that has made all the difference.

That’s what amazes us more than anything about humans; what makes strangers turn into companions?

Heart Mind Design was founded in 2017 with a desire to create meaningful strategies that would transform organizations in a human-centered way. We believe that strategy is built on insight, and every problem is a human-centered design problem. Since then, our name guides our way.

  • HEART stands for the INSIGHT that shifts perspectives and redefines the problem,
  • MIND stands for the STRATEGY that guides the decisions and inspires actions, and
  • DESIGN stands for the ACTION that triggers the change and creates impact.

During the first year, we were lucky to work with purposeful organizations with a desire and courage for change. Starting with the Öğretmen Ağı (Teachers Network) project founded by the six most prominent foundations of Turkey, followed by Modanisa and DenizBank Agriculture Banking Team, we have been collaborating on great projects with great people. Later along the way, we became partners of Vitra Innovation Center, Eczacıbaşı Holding, Mikro Yazılım, Sabancı Foundation, Koç School and TÜSEV. Those collaborations also helped us discover ourselves and understand who we are and why we do what we do.

2020 was the year we felt confident to make our case stronger with all the learnings we gathered along the way and relaunch our brand. We had months of internal discussions, self-reflection sessions, and finally, in 2021, we all came to a point where we felt most like ourselves and ready to advocate for what we believe in:

Our purpose is to help organizations discover their human selves to survive the paradigm shifts and disruptive forces of today and build a better future for all.

At this stop of our transformation journey, we are launching our new brand identity and website, with a sharper focus on our purpose. We are still made of heart, mind, and design, but we instead keep it short and call ourselves “HMD.” We finally drafted our case studies to inspire others and recharged ourselves to lead the change with our unique transformation model and to empower others who feel the same.

wearehmd.com, for you to enjoy.

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Partner in Change I An insight-driven consulting firm that helps organizations develop a deeper understanding of human and transform their structures around it.

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We are HMD

We are HMD

Partner in Change I An insight-driven consulting firm that helps organizations develop a deeper understanding of human and transform their structures around it.

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